Services We Provide

Once your personal or corporate goals have been established, HJB Management will customize appropriate strategies to suit your vision and objectives. HJB Management will coach you through the process of implementing tax strategies, insurance, and financial products to help address your
needs and pursue your goals.

Tax Services

Tax Planning & Tax Preparation

Having a concrete tax plan is a crucial element of wealth management. HJB Management prides itself on helping its clients be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to tax planning. HJB Management provides both personal and corporate tax preparation.

We also handle all other types of tax filings: including sales, business, and payroll taxes.


Whatever your life insurance needs are, HJB Management has you covered.

*Term Life

*Whole Life

*Universal Life

*Long Term Care Insurance

*Disability Insurance

HJB Management  offers consultation for a broad range of personal retirement plans and corporate pension plans.

Herbert J. Berghoff, CA. Insurance License #0B82999.

Wealth Management

Through a strategic partnership with Steve Simon, we believe he can provide clients with the highest quality fixed income and wealth management services. For more information and important disclosures, please click here:


HJB Management provides monthly financial statements, ensures your books are maintained for proper financial analysis, and ensures you records are properly prepared for tax time..

Business Management

HJB Management specializes in helping with all financial aspects of running a business. We can make sure all taxes and forms are filed regularly and on time, help with analyzing financial statements, HJB Management also helps to insure its clients get the necessary consultation for loans, insurance, employee benefits, and pension plans.

Personal & Commercial Insurance Services

HJB Management provides Personal & Commercial Insurance services through Warren Berghoff,  A Licensed Insurance Agent.

Mr. Berghoff has partnered up with Hoffman Brown Company.

Hoffman Brown Company established in 1961 provides personal insurance, commercial insurance, and employee benefits. Mr. Berghoff will arrange a complimentary, no obligation assessment of your current insurance coverage.

Auto Purchasing & Leasing Assistance

Advantage Auto Brokers  is a professional automobile buying service that specializes in assisting individuals with the purchase or lease of a new vehicle.

In the process of purchasing or leasing a new vehicle, you will find two types of consumers.

The first type of consumer is the type that loves spending countless hours at car dealerships haggling with sales people and arguing with finance managers. They haggle with the sales person over the price, and then they argue with the finance manager over the interest rate.

The second type of consumer will do anything to avoid this stressful ordeal. This type of customer realizes that time is money. They would rather do something more productive with their time other than spend hours in a car dealership. Advantage Auto Brokers eliminates the SDE (The Stressful Dealership Experience) by using their many years of car buying experience to get you the best deal on price and financing. Advantage Auto Brokers  operates at no cost to the customer. A referral fee is paid to Advantage Auto Brokers  by the dealership. After the customer decides on the make, model, and color, Advantage Auto Brokers will locate the vehicle. Advantage Auto Brokers also negotiates the price, arranges the financing and delivery of the vehicle to their home or office.

*Life Insurance offered through National Life Insurance *Life Insurance offered through National Life Insurance Lisc #65326

*Wealth Management offered through Equity Services Inc. Member of FINRA/SIPC. Steve Simon Broker Lisc #89564

* Auto Purchasing & Leasing Assistance offered through Advantage Auto Brokers. DMV Lisc #91649

*Personal & Commercial services offered through Warren Berghoff Broker, A Licensed Insurance Agent.